Konferencje za granicą

Bruksela, 29.05.2013 r.: „Raising Awareness of the Social Dimension of EU Citizenship: Ensuring Rights, Assessing Opportunities”. Organizator: Public Policy Exchange.

Haga, 9-11.06.2013 r.: „Internationalisation and international mobility. Where do we stand, where are we heading?". Organizator: Stowarzyszenie Współpracy Akademickiej (ACA).

Berlin, 10.06.2013 r.: „How can immigration contribute to solving skill shortages in Germany? Perspectives and success factors”. Organizator: KfW Entwicklungsbank.

Norrköping, 11-13.06.2013 r.: „ACSIS Cultural Studies Conference 2013: On the Move”. Organizator: The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden.

Budapeszt, 27-28. 06.2013 r.: „Im/mobilizing In/equalities: Migration and Marginality in Times of Crisis”. Organizator: Central European University.

Wiedeń, 3-5.07.2013 r.: „Societies in Conflict: Experts, Publics and Democracy”. Organizator: University of Vienna.

Malmö, 26-27.08.2013 r.: „Crisis and Migration - Perceptions, Challenges and Consequences”. Organizator: IMISCOE.

Opublikowano w numerze: 41 / Kwiecień 2013