Konferencje za granicą

Cambridge, 8-10.09.2012 r.: „Education, Mobility and Migration - People, Ideas and Resources”. Organizator: University of Cambridge we współpracy z Anglia Ruskin University.

Oxford, 16.09.2012 r.: „6th Global Conference - Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging”. Organizatorzy: School of Law and Business, Faculty of Law, Inter-Disciplinary.Net.

Trier, 20-21.09.2012 r.: „Annual Conference on the Schengen Area 2012”. Organizator: Ramin Farinpour, ERA.

Oxford, 21-23.09.2012 r.: „4th Global Conference: Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners”. Organizator: Inter-Disciplinary.Net.

Bruksela, 27.09.2012 r.: „Unlocking the Potential of Migrants in Europe: From Isolation to Multi-level Integration”. Organizator: Public Policy Exchange.

Waszyngton, 1.10.2012 r.: „9th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference”. Organizator: Georgetown University Law Center.

Lizbona, 8-9.11.2012 r.: „Echoes of Migrations: Memories and Representations of migrants", Organizator: Faculty of Social and Human Sciences Nova University of Lisbon.

Opublikowano w numerze: 37 / Sierpień 2012